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COVID-19 Testing

Great Lakes Labs expects to be fully operational with a FDA approved Covid-19 genetic test on April 8th. Our CLIA licensed, high complexity laboratory will be able to simultaneously identify the two molecular targets of COVID 19 as well as 21 other upper respiratory viruses. Great Lakes Labs methodology is classified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a laboratory confirmation test. This high complexity syndromic test will identify the viruses irrespective of the patient displaying symptoms.


At this time, GLL would like to inform all customers that we are experiencing supply disruptions. Our staff remains dedicated and our laboratory is open for business. If you are concerned about disruptions please call our laboratory directly at 219-464-8885.

Great Lakes Labs is committed to providing timely forensic services to all through accurate, valid, and unbiased testing, supporting agencies of the criminal justice system, coroner's office, private sector and medical legal systems. It is our commitment to influence positive change locally, regionally and nationally by promoting integrity, competency and leadership.

Drug Screening

Drug Screening

Drug abuse can be detected in biological fluids, tissue and hair. The time frame of detection varies, dependent upon the specimen. In fluids, detection time may vary from minutes up to 30 days, depending upon the drug used and consumption amounts.

Point of Care, Instant, and On-site devices for urine & saliva are available.

Forensic Testing

Forensic Testing

When cause of death analysis is required, you can rely on our laboratory to perform testing utilizing our scientific expertise. Sample analysis can be performed on post mortem fluids as well as tissues.

DNA and Paternity Testing

DNA/Paternity Testing

Our DNA services are useful for all legal purposes including child custody and support, social security, insurance, military, adoption, inheritance as well as sensitive personal and private matters. At our facility unequivocal client support, safe, non-invasive collection, and results in 14 days are standard.

Customer Portal

Client Portal

Results are available to our clients through our secure customer service portal 24/7.

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