An Example of Great Lakes Labs Professionalism and Knowledge

An Example of Great Lakes Labs Professionalism and Knowledge

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The following email was sent to us a thanks for our professionalism and expertise during a trial. The names have been omitted for privacy reasons. 

Dear Great Lakes Labs

I want to commend you for the exceeding competence and professionalism you exhibited during the trial of _____ yesterday. You brought to trial the voice and demeanor of a highly skilled and knowledgeable witness.

All of the jurors wanted to stay after the trial to talk with me. They wanted to talk about the experience and ask a few questions about confusing procedural issues. They also wanted me to know how impressed they were with your testimony. They specifically mentioned how you looked them in the eye; how you took the time to explain your answers; how you knew this case inside and out; and how you were unflappable when the defense attorney tried to challenge your education, and tried to attack the two different results and the markings on the Chain of Custody form, They appreciated your combination of respectful professionalism and firmness. One of them commented that she figured I wished all of my witnesses would be that solid in all of my trials. She's right.

Your extensive preparation and knowlodge of the case, coupled with your demeanor on the stand and exceptionally effective fielding of questions won the day. In the end _____ was afforded a fair trial and every opportumty to defend himself.

Thank you for your assistance in securing a just result.

With sincere thanks and admiration


Deputy Prosecuting Attorney 

Michelle Volk

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