COVID-19 Results in a Flash

COVID-19 Results in a Flash

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At Great Lakes Labs, we knew testing for COVID-19 was important from the beginning. That is why our President and CEO, Michelle Volk, invested in a state-of-the-art machine that can determine if someone has an infection. The best part -- the results are fast. You will know if you have the infection in just 72 minutes.

Why is testing important? There is a myriad of reasons to be tested. Perhaps you’ve been around someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19, but you aren’t showing symptoms. Our tests provide results even if no symptoms are present. This information can help you determine your next steps to keep others around you safe and healthy. Another reason is to rule out COVID-19 from other illnesses that mirror its symptoms. Maybe you are going to visit your grandma or a friend who is fighting cancer. The test results are a tool to help our community make safe choices. For even more information, take a peek at our blog about COVID-19 testing by clicking HERE.

If you are ready to be tested for COVID-19, here are some things to know:

  • You don’t need an order from a physician.
  • The test is preformed via nasal swab.
  • You can receive valid results with or without symptoms.
  • Please call ahead! 219-464-8885
  • The 72-minute test is $260.
  • The 24-hour test is $130.
  • Check with your insurance companies about coverage, however, most are not covering the price of the test.
  • The test checks for current infections, and wouldn’t be able to note if you have antibodies from a previous infection (although, that technology is close!)

For all questions, call local: (219) 464-8885 or toll free: (888) 464-8885. You can also email:

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