Drug Testing Efficiency

Drug Testing Efficiency

 Thursday, January 30, 2020 |  Views:2,034 |  Posted by: Michelle Volk |  Reading Time: 1 Minute |  Article Tags: 

A drug test is administered to detect the presence of a drug. Biological specimens, like saliva and hair, can be used to perform a drug test. Are drug tests an efficient tool for parents, employers, and school officials to prove drug usage?

In short, yes. Drug testing is accurate and reliable. The results are trustworthy, especially when performed in a toxicology laboratory by an expert. It also depends on the collection of the specimen. For example, whether or not the sample was taken within the detection window. Also, how the specimen is handled before lab testing matters.

When a properly handled specimen arrives at a toxicology laboratory, like Great Lakes Labs, the results are without a doubt, accurate. This makes drug testing a powerful tool for parents, employers, and schools because of the degree of accuracy. When an individual is aware that they might be tested at random, it may discourage usage. It also will provide proof, when a drug is discovered in a specimen, that an individual needs help.

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