Experience is a Good Teacher

Experience is a Good Teacher

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In the summer of 2016, we hired Jackie Ruchti, a University of Pittsburgh student studying to be a forensic analyst. She spent the summer emerged in laboratory protocol and techniques! The time spent with us was not just about having a summer job. In fact, she went back to school with a new insight on forensic toxicology.

Recently, she came back to visit us with the most exciting news. Jackie has been accepted into IUPUI’s Masters Program. Part of her thesis will involve a research project that will be of extreme interest to most forensic science buffs. She recently interviewed an Explosive Ordnance Disposal commander from the Army who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  With his extensive knowledge of explosives, he was able to help Jackie narrow down the parameters in which her research would be conducted.  She concluded that her project will focus on “isolating genetic material from explosive residue due to their protein interactions”. Jackie’s goal is to become part of the FBI’s Counter-terrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit.  We wish her the best of luck and we know that she will make a great member of the FBI.

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