Fake Urine: To Be or Not to Be?

Fake Urine: To Be or Not to Be?

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Direct observation may not be worth the price when collecting a urine specimen for drug screening. Great Lakes Labs in Valparaiso, Indiana has a new test that can detect fake urine or otherwise known as synthetic urine. Laboratories across the country are testing urine samples for validity such as creatinine, specific gravity, oxidants, gluteraldeyde, nitrite and pH levels. But now, a more specific test for fake urine is available to determine if it is “for real” or not.

At a very reasonable fee, a client can ask for this fake urine analysis in addition to their other laboratory testing. Please contact a representative today at 219-464-2669, email at sales@gl-labs.com,; and visit our website to learn more at www.gl-labs.com.

Michelle Volk

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