Marijuana Look Alikes: Can YOU Tell the Difference?

Marijuana Look Alikes: Can YOU Tell the Difference?

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Below you will find pictures of substances can you tell which one is the illicit drug?  If you cannot tell, do you think young children will be able to? Marijuana edibles are on the rise and so are emergency room visits, especially in states where edibles are legal. Young children think they are consuming a food product and the results are catastrophic.

So many people feel marijuana are not harmful because they “smoked it” when they were kids. When something is smoked, an almost immediate effect can be felt. Yet when someone consumes an edible marijuana food product, they have to wait on digestion to take place. So the effects may come several hours later. Teens who are looking for a quick high tend to overdose because they end up consuming 4-5 times the serving size listed on packaging. They eat more because they feel it is not working or that it is food and is “safe”.

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