United States Attorney General Rescinds Legal Marijuana (Pot) Policy

United States Attorney General Rescinds Legal Marijuana (Pot) Policy

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While former President Obama was in office, a law was created that opened up doors for states to legalize marijuana. Several weeks ago, U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions rescinded that federal policy. Of course, this has left many states that have legalized the sought after mind-altering plant material, between a rock and a hard place. 

Although the outcome of this change is yet to be fully realized from a federal or state level, it seems as though the intent is not to go after the occasional purchaser or the legitimate businesses that have been erected for medicinal dispensing, but to crack down on the recreational dispensaries and the illegal and ever-expanding trafficking of drugs that seep into communities where it is not medically legal. "...today's memo on federal marijuana enforcement simply directs all U.S. Attorneys to use previously established prosecutorial principles that provide them all the necessary tools to disrupt criminal organizations, tackle the growing drug crisis, and thwart violent crime across the country.

However, some companies have already seen their stock value deflate 30 percent or more just hours after the broadcast. This push is to take a step back from legalizing the drug and enforce federal law is not without objection from other lawmakers or the American people.

House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi did not waste any time with her rebuttal to Sessions, "Democrats urge Attorney General Sessions to begin the New Year with a commitment to prosecute the real crimes devastating our nation, not to waste precious time and resources waging a pointless, unjust war against the innocent Americans." Without a doubt, the American people tend to agree with marijuana legalization - 64% to be exact.

It remains unclear as to how the government will if at all, override the states and their marijuana laws. It is clear that the government will, indeed tighten the reins. For additional information on marijuana and its risk factors (especially in teens), please visit the National Institute of Health's Website. http://www.nih.gove/news-events/news-releases/nida-review-summarizes-research-marijuanas-negative-health-effects.

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