Why to Test for Drug Use in the Workplace

Why to Test for Drug Use in the Workplace

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Drug abuse can wreak havoc in the workplace. When workers abuse drugs and alcohol, problems like injuries and decreased productivity arise. In fact, companies lose billions of dollars per year due to employees misusing drugs and alcohol. High turnover rate, insurance claims, call-offs, and many other negative consequences contribute to companies losing money when their workers use. Additionally, drug usage effects the company culture. The morale of workers is affected when they are struggling with addiction or their coworkers are hungover or withdrawing.

This is why companies drug test their employees. When workers know they will be subjected to drug testing, they are less likely to use. Drug testing is also a useful tool during the hiring process. It separates those who abuse drugs and sends message to job candidates that drug abuse is not tolerated.

Drug testing is worth it. A sober workplace is efficient, happier, productive, and overall, a better place to work. The company’s morale will improve with less tardiness, better decision making, and stronger relationships between coworkers and management.

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