Drug Screening

Specimen Type

Drug abuse can be detected in biological fluids, tissue and hair. The time frame of detection varies, dependent upon the specimen. In fluids, detection time may vary from minutes up to 30 days, depending upon the drug used and consumption amounts.

With hair, detection can range up to 3 months. Positive hair drug screens indicate chronic usage. Typically, a hair drug screen does not show one time usage.

Body fluids (blood, saliva and urine), tissues and hair can be submitted for drug screens, confirmations and quantitations. Interpretation, documentation for courtroom presentation, formal written report and record maintenance are standard for all toxicology testing.

Fluid Sample Detection
Fluid Detection Time
Hours to Weeks
Hair Sample Detection
Hair Detection Time
Up to 90 Days

Drug Abuse Testing

A positive result for a hair drug screen indicates a time frame where an individual would have used a drug in a chronic manner. Typically, it does not show a one time usage.

Oral fluid analysis identifies recent usage. Immediate use is a better indicator of influence. In other words, the drug is still being felt by the user.

The most widely used specimen for drugs of abuse is urine. The detection time in urine, depending on the drug used, can range from hours to weeks.

Our fully automated toxicology laboratory is capable of performing screening techniques for drugs of abuse as well as confirmatory tests. Our Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry department is capable of identifying specific compounds leaving no doubt.

Our GC / MS analyses offer the client added insurance that a challenge will be unsuccessful when scrutinizing the drug screen process.

Great Lakes Labs offers a comprehensive DOT program as well as the support services necessary to ensure compliance.

Our consortium serves the transportation industry with a fully staffed support force including a nationally certified Medical Review Officer, a Board Certified Toxicologist, and staff available to answer questions and provide assistance.

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