COVID-19 Saliva Pool Testing

COVID-19 Saliva Pool Testing

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At Great Lake Labs, we value our community. It is our pleasure to help make Northwest Indiana healthier and safer. We are happy to announce that saliva pool testing for COVID-19 will be available in Northwest Indiana. As soon as August 1st, we will offer saliva pool testing to the public. In addition, we will also continue to provide nasal swab testing. Many individuals may prefer saliva testing as opposed to the more invasive nasal swab. Although nasal swabbing is the standard for testing upper respiratory infections, our own study indicated that saliva testing produces near-equivalent results.

Saliva testing may help combat the spread of COVID-19, because it is an alternative to the uncomfortable nasal swab. Children and some adults might find nasal swab testing difficult to undergo and not get tested. Not only is saliva testing less painful, it is quick and easy. The patient is provided a tube, spits, and closes the lid. This helps reduce the risk to the tester because they don’t need to collect the sample. Another benefit of having a local testing is the speedy results. With COVID-19 tests sent across the country, the results can take days. Fast results are important, so that infected individuals can quarantine and inform others. Frequent testing with quick results can help to decrease new infections.

Do you need a test? Here are some things to know about saliva testing:

  • A doctor’s note is not required.
  • Please call ahead: (219) 464-8885.
  • Testing is performed in our laboratory: 1051 Transport Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46383
  • Abstain from drinking and eating before the test.
  • Do not brush their teeth 30 minutes prior to the test.
  • You will receive your results within 72 business hours or less.

To learn more about our nasal swab option, check out our blog by clicking HERE.  For any questions: Call Local: (219) 464-8885, Call Toll Free: (888) 464-8885, Email:

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